Branch 66 North York Royal Canadian Legion first entered the Warriors’ Day Parade in 1961 while Comrade Matt Parker was President. We began with a modest turnout and got lost in the shuffle. It was then the members decided to win the Lord Mayor’s Trophy.

This was managed in 1963 with increased membership, hard work by the Executive and under the leadership of Charles Giardelli, President. We had excellent leadership also from our own Pipe Band who became champions in their own right that year winning the O’Keefe Trophy under the direction of Pipe Major Stu Lumsden.

The next two years gave us a couple of near misses but not to be denied we came through again in 1967 and 1968 during the term of S. P. Stokes, President. Also we won Honourable Mention for smartness, etc. Syd Stokes then called for a third win in 1969 – success was ours for once again under President Charles Giardelli we came through – three years running with our largest turnout ever plus the Goodyear Trophy for the smartest on parade. We believe Branch 66 was the only Branch to perform this feat.

We again won the Lord Mayors’ Trophy for largest turnout. Branch 66 took the Lord Mayors’ Trophy for 26 years only losing out when membership dropped and not enough Members turned out. Most of our Members who remember these glory days are gone but Branch 66 has the honour of being the only one with these number of Lord Mayor’s Trophy wins as well as taking many other awards for the best on parade, etc.